Highly-Available Openstack

Custom solutions to implement Highly Available openstack services. It enables no single point of failure and ensures seamless business continuity for the mission critical applications.

Monitoring Solution for Openstack

A diligent monitoring tool is the core of a IT Infrastructure management. The tools we use are capable of providing pro-active alerts, thereby avoids downtime for the critical applications.

Custom IT Infrastructure

Each IT infrastructure will be unique as per the service delivery model . Our deployment model accommodates all these complexities and provides most accurate cloud solution using Openstack.

Advanced Deployment Service

A Hassle-free deployment of Openstack. The resource requirements for the applications are fed into the Deployment system and it will systematically builds Openstack Infrastructure.

Top-notch Support Service

Our Openstack Support Services will even surpass enterprise cloud support services. Round the clock monitoring and prompt delivery of solutions for every
issue raised.


Networking is one of the hefty process when you build your dream enterprise. We can
offer you solutions that would meet your
rquirements like VLANs, tunnels ,
VPNs, LBs.

Effortless Scalability

As the business grows, the infra should grow along.Our deployment can be scaled effortlessly to hundreds of nodes without affecting the business.


We provide cost-effective ,Optimal and suitable backup services for different vital openstack entities.So no worries if you loose something, it will be there!

Storage solution

We design and implement storage solution for the small, medium and large enterprise using commodity hardware as well as Enterprise Storage Solutions.

How we operate:

Planning and designing openstack infrastructure as per the requirement.

High availability for the entire openstack services, hence there is no single point of failure.

Integrating Openstack with a number of redundant storage solutions like SAN, NAS,CEPH, gluster etc.

The architecture can tolerate service/node failures without affecting business continuity.

Usage of bare metal server provisioning to VM deployment.

Hypervisor and VM migration in case of Compute node failure based on N+1 architecture.

One touch deployment and central management of openstack cluster through chef or ansible.

Instance orchestration with Heat and Ceilometer agents for recording real time instance statistics.

Simple to complex network topologies using openstack network plugins.

Customer network isolation with VLANs.

Thousands of tenant networks through vlan double tagging (Q in Q).

Publicly accessible instances through fixed/floating IPs .

Cost effective backup solutions.

Implementation of Disaster recovery location (optional).

Monitoring platform for the entire openstack cluster (Optional).

Support for openstack upgrades to new releases (Optional).

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