OS CentOS, RedHat, Ubuntu, Debian, Windows
EC2 Instance Management, Auto Scaling, Load balancing, EBS, Security
S3 Managing and Creation of API's
RDS Instance Management, Security, Backup, Configuration.
Cloudfront Distribution(Web & RTMP)
Dynamo DB Administration
VPC Gateways, Subnetting, Routing, DHCP
Route 53 DNS Management, Health check, Domain registration.
IAM Policies, Users, Groups, Roles, MFA
Cloud Watch Alarm & Metrix Configuration.
Ops Works Stacks, Layers, Template based infrastructure deployment.
SES Mail SMTP configuration.

Setting up and configuring Linux & Windows EC2 Instances

Launching AWS EC2 instance in different regions and assigning Public IP to the instances.

Amazon AWS - Setup S3 bucket, RDS database creation and launching, Backup the instances.

Work with Cpanel/WHM/Plesk/Webmin and other control panels.

Auto Scaling & Elastic Load Balancing

Implementing your own Virtual Private Cloud

Configuring RDS, DynamoDB and ElastiCache

Setting up Elastic Block Store, CloudFront and S3

AWS Billing and Cost Management

Our Team strives to offer your organisation with continuous Testing, Integration, Delivery, Monitoring, Automation, Collaboration thereby improving the flexibility of your IT Department as well as an immediate value for your organization.


Full Time Hiring
40 hours/week
Total: 160 hours/mo
Minimum Period of hiring:2 Months
As per customers time zones
Best suited for continuous work,bulk projects and for time constrained projects
Assigned Engineer works
solely for your organisation
Billing: Monthly
Part Time Hiring
20 hours/week
Total: 80 hours/mo
No Minimum Period of hiring
As per customers time zones
Best suited for short projects and/or bug
fixes & maintenance
Assigned Engineer works
on more than one project at a time
Billing: Monthly
Hourly Hiring
Any Duration
Minimum : 10 Hours
As per office hours
Best suited for trial jobs or one time short
Available Engineer works as and
when required by the client.
Billing : Weekly Advance
Service Level Agreement

160 hours of guaranteed work per Month.

Correct task estimation and quality development.

Daily Reporting, Direct Communication (Skype, Telephone), Fast Email Response.

100 % Strict Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement (NDA) with our developers.

100% IP and Data Protection

International level infrastructure.

Excellent English communication Skills

No customer lock-ins,ability to cancel agreement on just 30 day prior notice period

In such rare cases,we also enable smooth transition/knowledge transfer to get accustomed to your projects.

We guarantee high-quality and cost-effective services.

Payment can be made based bi-weekly and monthly


Designing the right business strategy for your cloud migration is very essential for achieving the full potential of the cloud and extract the best cost advantage from the process. Our cloud enablement service is designed to help you in this process. We help you understand the flexibility, reliability and scalability the cloud computing can provide and provide you with various data points and technical support to choose the right approach in migrating your servers and applications to cloud.

First thing that is needed to be done is figuring out if cloud computing is suited for your organizational goals and operational needs. SparkMyCloud provides a clear and elaborate description of each cloud strategy along with their features that will help you pick the right choice. We are ready to provide you with the right assistance and consultation in your decision making. At the end of the process you would be able to understand which of the different approaches to cloud computing – private cloud, public cloud or hybrid makes sense for your organization.

If you are choosing public cloud approach, we will provide you with various choices of provider, as we are a reputed cloud broker with extensive relationships with top cloud providers. Once you have decided the provider, the next step involves migration. We provide you with technical support and assistance to help you migrate all your applications and data to the cloud without data losses or service interruptions. We will not only be available during the migration, but also will be there for further consultation and support after you have started operating in the cloud.

If public cloud is not your choice and you want to go for a private cloud or a hybrid model, we would then help you choose among the various individual cloud technologies. Choices might involve deciding between open source vs. proprietary stacks. A private or hybrid cloud is far harder implementation to handle for most traditional IT infrastructure team. Thus, our team of specialists will be available to help you install the cloud infrastructure using agile cloud management methods and train your staff to maintain the infrastructure. We will be available 24/7 to handle your support requests and run a trouble-free operation.

Cloud Management

Cloud management is a set of approaches and technologies that lets you leverage the full power of the cloud. It includes a collection of tools and software that ensures that your resources are utilized optimally, the core subsystems are monitored to make sure they work well, things are kept working under control and users are able to interact with all the applications in an expected manner.

As cloud computing has gone on to tackle ever more complex business needs, it is imperative that a proper cloud management strategy is put in place. A good cloud management setup ensures that your cloud migration makes sense not just from a technology standpoint, but from a business standpoint as well. We at SparkMyCloud will use our extensive cloud infrastructure experience to help you institute the right cloud management approach that is appropriate for your business needs.

Before you begin to roll out your public, private or a hybrid cloud, it is important that you pay attention to the business reasons that will help you pick the right cloud strategy.

Some of the reasons to use our cloud management services include:

1. 24/7 uptime: If you are operating a mission critical business, where transaction happens throughout the day, one cannot stress enough the importance of uptime. Sales would be affected, and employee productivity will go down during an outage. Customers around the world have taken a 24/7 uptime for granted, thanks to the performance of companies like Google and Facebook, and are quick to vent their ire when your servers go down. Our cloud management methods can help you identify issues that could lead to a major outage. Customers are given priority email, phone and web access to reach our support team round the clock.

2. Managing constantly changing requirements: There will be several requirements from the customer side to have changes to the cloud that they have already rolled out. It is not easy to adapt those changes by the application unless we build a suitable infrastructure for that. With our experience, coupled with our knowledge, we can deliver any sort of custom requirements on the cloud.

3. Security compliance: The data hosted on the cloud must be kept secure and there are a number of government and corporate regulations that stipulate various compliance levels to be adhered. Cloud strategies that don't comply to the compliance audits can invite strict penalties from the authorities. Our cloud management services employ systematic logging and audit tools that help you stay compliant with the various security related regulations. We will make sure that your cloud environment is maintained correctly and ready for audits and inspection, any time.

4. Disaster recovery: Cloud computing is about flexibility and availability that helps you mitigate the accidents and disasters. Our cloud management tools helps you prevent most disasters and will provide you the right recovery plans incase a disaster happens. We ensure that your applications recover fast, and your data are retrieved without any loss.